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Them or Us (Hater Trilogy 3)
Author: David Moody
Publisher: Orion Books
Page count: 361pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

The third novel in the compelling Hater series, Them or Us starts following the ‘limited nuclear exchange’, which has resulted in the implosion of the vast ‘Unchanged’ city centre refugee camps. The towns that remain, dominated by Haters are desolated, radiation filled cities corrupted and ravaged by the remaining humans. The humans that remain as the dominant species are the Haters, people filled with uncontrollable rage and the desire to kill anyone left, more specifically, the Unchanged.

Danny McCoyne is a Hater with a difference in the post apocalyptic world – Danny can ‘hold’ the hate and pass himself off as an ‘Unchanged’, which makes him invaluable to Hinchcliffe, the despot running what is left of Lowestoft. McCoyne, despite his weaknesses and the actions he has performed in hate, is a strangely sympathetic character and makes for a great lead. Despite his hate he is likeable and as a narrator, he is a great choice.

The world Moody has created is bleak, visceral and cold. What frightens the reader so much is the actual possibility of Moody’s vision becoming reality. If you have read the Hater novels, then you must simply read this instalment; in a word, it is stunning. If this is your first Hater novel, don’t worry reading this without knowledge of the first two books will not detract from your experience. And experience this is! Enjoy the end!
If you like the look of this check it out at Them or Us (Hater Trilogy 3)

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