Review – The Walking Dead novel

October 22, 2011 - 11:12 pm No Comments

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor
Author: Kirkman, R & Bonansinga, J
Publisher: Tor
Page count: 308pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

It is Friday 21st October. Not for a long time has there been such anticipation for a second season of a genre programme. The Walking Dead: Season Two premiered on FX tonight and what a start (yes, this is a book review. Stay with me). Because those clever producer chaps decided to cash in on the network premiere by releasing a tie in book on the same date.

The episode delivered on all counts, drama, gore tension and zombie goodness. What a shame that Rise of The Governor let the side down.

Touted as a standalone trilogy, this novel features the journey of widower Philip Blake, daughter Penny, his brother Brian and a couple of hard as nails old school friends as they try to reach the CDC in Atlanta. It starts three days into the zombie apocalypse and is written, rather distractingly, in third person present tense. The point of view is predominantly Brian, with a dash of Philip. However the whole technique means that the book lacks in emotion where the reader should obviously feel something.

There is no denying the scenes of gore and the vista of despair that is the broken city of Atlanta is stunningly bleak, and the story itself is sound, but there is something missing from this novel. It’s called feeling. It is an unrelentingly grim piece of fiction. If that’s what you like, then great. If it isn’t, watch the series or read the comics instead.

If it is what you like, check it out at The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor.

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