Happy Halloween Book Number Nine

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Welcome to my second entry in the Halloween Top Ten book list, listing my personal favourite scary books of all time. You may not agree with my choices which will appear between 10th and 31st October, but give them a try. And note, I didn’t say horror, I said scary.

So peeps coming in at number nine is . . . Fevre Dream  by George R R Martin.

Before ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, there were vampires, and Mississippi Steam Boats.

Written in 1982, I discovered this book at age 17 in 1989.

“Abner Marsh, a remarkably unattractive but highly skilled steamboat captain, is grappling with a financial crisis in 1857 when he is contacted by Joshua York, a rich, soft-spoken gentleman. They become unlikely business partners, with Joshua winning Abner over by promising to finance the construction of a magnificent new steamboat that will be larger, faster, and more opulent than any other riverboat ever constructed: the pride of the Mississippi River.

When finally completed, she is everything Abner has ever dreamed of piloting. The large white, blue, and silver paddle steamer is christened Fevre Dream, for Abner’s previously-failing company, the Fevre River Packet Company;” Fevre Dream – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Beautiful and atmospheric, Fevre Dream is what vampires were like before Sookie Stackhouse came along. I’m cheating here. It isn’t traditionally scary but I don’t care. I had to share this magnificent book with you.




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