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What an amazing day I had last Saturday 8th October being all dead and everything. It isn’t often a girl gets to say that, but to be clear I was involved in a Zombie film shoot with Plastered in fake blood and gore courtesy of Jennny Jackson make up artist, shambling along aimlessly (what’s new?!), I am privileged to have been a zombie extra for this event, which will result as a 25 minute zombie film featuring Jasper Bark, Wayne and David Moody.





The film shoot also included a talk by the three authors and a chance to ask questions and get books signed. I of course turned up with my pink (signature colour) shopping trolley to carry my supplies for the day including a battered copy of Hater to be signed and Way of the Barefoot Zombie (I already have my signed Wayne Simmons collection). Director Vincent Holland Keen was so enamoured by the trolley case in a Shaun of the Dead way that it will in fact feature in the film.






So what was it like being ‘dead’ for the day? Actually, pretty effing cool! Jenny on make up herded us all in one at a time, applying the latex dripping/ripped skin textures to faces and painting blood spatters on the evil child zombies whilst the latex was drying. In between that? Well truthfully, a lot of the time was spent lounging about in costume chatting, eating lunch and generally annoying the authors with questions whilst the initial shots were being set up. During filming there were chances to grab retakes as necessary and the zombies trooped up and down the streets of sedate Leicester spending more time walking and waiting than biting necks and tearing victims apart. But even with the lulls between shots with actors co-ordinated by Adele Wearing of Un:Bound, it was still immense fun, just being able to declare “Behold! For am I am Legend!” Sort of.





The author spotlight talk, which lasted about thirty minutes was also a particularly insightful panel and featured questions on the best way to survive an apocalypse and the panel’s favourite way to kill someone (literary murder of course). For David Moody, surviving the apocalypse means avoiding other human beings at all costs. For an in depth view of what it’s like to be a zombie extra, check out SFX author Ian Berriman’s piece in the new SFX Zombie Special. If you like your zombies it’s an absolute corker of a special.







Failing that, enjoy these pictures from the shoot and my day in the life of a dead chick . . . 





And if you want to win some Zombie Goodness courtesy of SFX?

Rabbit with a chanisaw. Kewl 







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