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Walking With Zombies
Author: Ian Woodhead
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Page count: 75pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
The follow up to Woodhead’s earlier Zombie hit The Unwashed Dead (Zombie Armageddon)
, Walking with Zombies (Zombie Armageddon) carries on the theme of highlighting the decay in urban areas and the horror inherent in every day life.

The novella starts with Talbot Field. Wife Beater and Debt Enforcer, Talbot, like many of Woodhead’s characters, represents all that is bad, real and grimy about society, in this case, inner city Bradford. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Lester Field Talbot’s Dad is pretty much the same man. Then there is young Thomas, a Jonah, and bad luck follows home everywhere but doesn’t affect him. Along with more rag tag characters including Dominic the cook and Marlene the bar maid, the cast of this novella is drawn towards a social club run by lethario Brendan, where the majority wait out this zombie apocalypse. Tonight is Zombie Night, the night when the pensioners descend on the Club for drinks and entertainment once the bingo is over.

During the apocalypse, Talbot is quickly infected, but unlike the regular zombies, he is different. He is in control of his needs and emotions and can hear the thoughts of his victims pre-empting their escape routes. Talbot is intent on building his own army of super zombies but must escape the regular shamblers who seem desperate to destroy him.

There are some technical errors such as names being mixed up and the odd typos, but the humour bubbles from the text and the Club setting is great for character exploration, violence and plenty of jokes. Each character has a distinctive voice of their own and Woodhead excels at local dialect and accent. This is a thoroughly British book, the feel reminiscent of Peter Kaye’s Pheonix Nights and is all the more fun because of it. I read it in one sitting. It is a great read and really good fun.

If you like the look of this book, check it out at Walking with Zombies (Zombie Armageddon)

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