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Sympathy for the Devil
Author: Justin Gustainis
Publisher: Solaris Books
Page count: 477pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Howard Stark wants to be President of the United States. And so does the demon inside him.

Occult investigator Quincey Morris and white witch Libby Chastain are on a mission to prove that Stark is indeed a demon and a series of ‘accidental’ deaths, scandals making candidates drop out and blackmail is connected to Stark and his go to girl Mary Margaret Doyle. We also have a small town teenage girl who appears to be possessed and Morris is trying to find an exorcist willing to rid her from her demon. After a disastrous initial exorcism attempt, Morris is riddled with guilt and determined to leave the ‘ghost busting’ business until Libby arrives to slap him back into shape.

This is the third Quincey Morris book by Justin Gustainis who also released recent supernatural police procedural Hard Spell, which already proved that Gustainis knows his supernatural stuff.

Set amidst the background of American politics, the novel is realistic and intriguing, with some great nods to known political scandals such as one involving a certain incident with a dress. These scandalous incidents are really good fun and the humour bubbles off the pages. Morris and Chastain arrive late to the fun, but there is enough diverse character interaction and plot movement to keep the reader fully entertained. There are some fun cultural references, particularly about other writers working in this field to keep knowledgeable readers pleasantly amused, such as references to an Anita, who may or may not be Anita Blake and a couple of visits to Castle Rock in Maine, Stephen King’s territory.

Gustainis is fast becoming a name to watch in the supernatural thriller arena and Sympathy for the Devil
is a great addition to his works. Blooming good fun!

If you like the look of this check out Sympathy for the Devil

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