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Dead Island (The Book)
Author: Mark Morris
Publisher: Bantam Books
Price: £6.99 (Paperback/Game Adaptation)
Page count: 334pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
Sporting the same cover as the Game, for which this is an adaptation, Dead Island
, is the eagerly awaited novelisation released as a tie-in on 8th September.
Royal Palms is a luxury vacation resort on the tropical paradise island of Banoi. A plague breaks out on the island and the islanders and tourists are transformed into flesh eating dead. Four survivors who are inexplicably immune must fight to survive and escape from the island, aided by a mysterious voice on their mobile phones. Visceral, bloody, gory, rather kitsch but also fun Dead Island
fleshes out the game (pardon the pun), creating characters with histories and motivation. Have no illusions, this pulp fiction but quality pulp; the writing a class above the norm and imbued with Morris’s signature exploration of fear and loss.
Some of the characters are blatant survivor stereotypes but have been designed for the game and brought to life by Morris. The characters in the ‘game’, or in this case, the novel, become more than simple zombie fodder or avatars. The reader actually cares what happens to these people. There are lots of nods to the tropes of game play; a mysterious benefactor, the choosing of weapons, a martial arts expert and an open ending, but this novel still makes for a tremendously fun read. Finishing with a cliff hanger, I am actually hoping for a sequel, so invested am I in these protagonists. Zombie goodness!

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