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Dead Bad Things
Author: Gary McMahon
Publisher: Angry Robot
Price: £7.99 (Paperback)
Page count: 334pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin

Occurring six months after the events in Pretty Little Dead Things, Dead Bad Things (Angry Robot)
is told from three main points of view and follows the journey of these characters as they have to deal with the impact of a child serial killer in Leeds. We have Thomas Usher as one narrator, who was the narrator of the first novel and for his sins, has been able to see the dead since losing his wife and child in a car accident fifteen years ago. Next we have PC Sarah Doherty, a young police woman investigating these murders at the same time looking into the past and deadly secrets of her father Emerson Doherty; both respected and feared by his police colleagues. The third main narrator (there is briefly a fourth) is shamed TV psychic Trevor who has a grudge against Usher for revealing his dark secrets. Despite the number of narrators, you can hear McMahon’s distinctive authorial voice throughout.

This novel is all about secrets, many of them unpleasant. There is an extreme darkness to the tale and it shows a world if urban and moral decay. Truly atmospheric and genuinely creepy, Dead Bad Things (Angry Robot)
has to be read in order to reach the conclusions hinted at in the first novel. There are some great gasp moments, particularly near the end, and the reading of it is somewhat cathartic. This novel is quite simply, a symphony of pain.

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