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The Spectrum Collection
Author: Various
Publisher: Dark Continents Publishing
Price: $7 (Paperback)
Page count: 101pp
Reviewer: Theresa Derwin
We have often heard the phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. In the case of The Spectrum Collection it’s time to take this literally. The cover, which depicts various colours in the spectrum against a black background is a little plain and obviously small press, and the formatting is a bit off, however the contents should not be judged by the plainness of the cover.
This collection contains ten tales of ‘dark speculative fiction’ including poetry. Some of the stories are run of the mill, however, this number is low and in the majority the tales are very satisfying.
In ‘Wicked Appetites’, the writer establishes an alternate world of un-sparkly vampires quickly and effectively and the ending is a doozy. The best of the poetry is ‘Tooth Fairy’ by Tracie McBride, a short poem that delivers some delightfully dark imagery.
One of the stand-out pieces is the story ‘The Bodymen’ by Adrian Chamberlin. It is a lovely dark story laced with humour that makes the reader wonder exactly what happens when Tiddles the cat dies at the Vet. It is great fun.
The collection finishes off with the story of the strange old neighbour we have all come across in our time in ‘The End of Leonard Bangston’. Not judging the old lady who lives next door, Leonard and his Mom arrange a dinner date with the old crone, who serves up a surprisingly delicious and meaty meal.
Overall, there are some really good stories and poetry in this collection which are a fun quick read. There are definitely some enjoyable moments and at less than a fiver (British price) it is well worth the money.
If you want to know more about Dark Continents’ latest projects take a look at their website. They currently have a great E-book summer sale on.
If you like the look of this it can be purchased quite cheaply at The Spectrum Collection

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