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Author:  Andy Remic         

Publisher: Anarchy Books

Price: £2.49 (Soundtrack £2.49)

Page count:  315pp & accompanying soundtrack

Reviewer:  Theresa Derwin

“Meet Justice D, a JusticeSIMumbilicated since birth who killed his own mother. Used byGOVas a hardcore merciless killer, hunting down rebs in the dregs, Justice D has little emotion. His biggest hobby is upgrading his armour, weapons and augmentations, taking mandrake narco and listening to groovy groovy MM.

For decades now, humanity has been colour-blind, a disability inflicted – so GOVbelieves – by a disease named HRG/Canker and carried by all animals across the planet. As the scientist Cantrell discovers the causes for Canker, so GOVbegin a global culling of all animals in order to save Humanity…

On a patrol in the dregs, Justice D is saved by a cat which he calls Emmy. He soon learns to love his cat, untilGOVdiscover his secret… and send Battle SIMs to shut him down…”

It is through Emmy that Justice D begins to feel, and whilst he will slaughter citizens (peps) or SIMs at the drop of a hot, he is strangely affectionate towards his new friend Emmy. On the run, D will do anything to protect his cat whilst bullets fly.

This novel is new territory for Remic. He experiments with language, the emotionless drugged tone at the beginning of the novel changing with D’s emotional development. Remic dances and plays with language twisting his words to match the ambience of each section.

Amidst the action, of which there is plenty, there are also some vivid supporting character such as ‘friend’ Sullivan, ex love Snow andTEKQ, an annoyingly upbeat computer.  In his growth as a ‘human being’ D becomes the ultimate rebel against a constricted and bigoted society that classes SIMs as less than human. Though not perfect, it’s full of violence and gore as you would expect from Remic, yet feels very new with the experimentation he undertakes, challenging the reader as the novel switches tone frequently. Nevertheless,SIMis a bloody good book and a bargain to boot!  

If you want to know more about Remic’s latest projects take a look at his website Andy Remic or Anarchy Books.


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