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After Blight Chronicles: America

Authors: Ewing, Al, Levene, R and Spurrier, S.

Publisher: Abaddon Books

Price:  £10.99 (Paperback)

Page count:  622pp

Reviewer:  Theresa Derwin

I love a bargain as much as the next person, and when it comes to books, doubly so. That’s why I jumped up and down in my fashionable PJs as I tucked myself into bed with the latest Abaddon Offering: Afterblight Chronicles: America. An omnibus of post-apocalyptic delight, this book features not one, not two, but three fantastically fun and high octane novels which takes us to an America after the ‘blight’ has hit and destroyed all but 7% of the worlds’ population.

The Culled by Simon Spurrier is the first instalment and also the first of the After Blight novels written. It would be a grim read if it weren’t for the action and humour that pervades the piece.  In this novel, our unnamed anti-hero is trekking across America fighting for his life against the powerful ‘Church of the New Dawn’ looking for a mysterious something. The action doesn’t stop and this is a great introduction into the vast world of the After Blight.

Kill or Cure by Rebecca Levene is the second book in the omnibus and is interesting because of the main character we encounter from the outset. Without giving away any spoilers, it more or less follows on from the events in The Culled and answers some necessary questions. Written by a woman and from a woman’s perspective, it’s a great change of environment too.

Death Got No Mercy by 2000AD scribe Al Ewing is perhaps the nuttiest and wildest adventure of the three. You get a flavour of what to expect the second you see the cover art, as notorious heavyweight Cade battles a bear – yes, a big fat grizzly bear. Rumour has it that before the novel was even finishedEwing was approached about the cover art and demanded (in a rather nice British way) the cover you see before you.  This is the stand out novel of the omnibus, not only because it’s fun and insanely violent, but mostly becauseEwing’s voice as Cade, is possibly the strongest of the three.  

Whatever way you look at it, you would be nuts, if you love your post-apocalyptic stuff not to buy this. It’s a regular bargain packed with sex, violence, humour and er, violence. It’s a hoot and incredible value for money!

If you want to know more about Abaddon’s latest projects take a look at their website or FB Page.



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