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June 12, 2011 - 2:08 pm 3 Comments

The Noise Revealed

Author:  Ian Whates

Publisher: Solaris Books

Price:  £7.99 (Paperback)

Page count:  425pp

Reviewer:  Theresa Derwin

The Noise revealed, sequel to space opera The Noise Within, is a brilliant book in its own right and there is no need to read the first novel in order to enjoy this wide-ranging ride through a multitude of worlds and universes. However, as this novel is such a good read, it may prompt you to dig up the first book to satiate your appetite until the third book in this series is released.

Set in ULAW, the United League of Allied Worlds, mankind is adjusting to its first contact with apparently peaceful aliens, the Byrzaen.  For Jim Leyton, black ops soldier and ex ULAW Agent, there is more to the Byrzaen than meets the eye. Jim finds his task of rescuing former lover Mya from a ULAW prison just the start of his investigation into these powerful aliens.  

As the action progresses and Jim builds relationships with the people of the habitat (rogue refugees who live in various spaceships powered by veils, the Byrzaen engine components) he encounters the alluring yet mysterious Kethi who, it seems, can run faster than a speeding bullet.  We also meet Philip Kauffman, scientist and recently deceased businessman who attempts to adapt to a life in the world of Virtuality, a play centre for the rich and young, now Philip’s only means of existing as an AI.

It is the stark realism of the habitat offset by the vibrancy of Virtuality (where avatars roam as dragon ladies, werewolves, cat headed people and cloven hoofed fauns dancing under the graffiti “Faunication 4 Ever”) that makes Whates’ worlds so entertaining. 

Ian Whates knows how to inform, amuse, surprise and challenge the reader.  The Noise Revealed is quite simply a mind-blowing, universe spanning, quality slice of space opera. You have to read this.         

If you want to know more about Ian’s latest projects take a look at his website Ian Whates.

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