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June 8, 2011 - 9:02 pm No Comments

Dead of Veridon

Author:  Tim Akers

Publisher: Solaris Books

Price:  £7.99 (Paperback)

Page count:  366pp

Reviewer:  Theresa Derwin

Ever since holding a gun to the head of his boss and top criminal Valentine, Jacob Burn, “heir, criminal and saviour” of Veridon finds himself a little short of work and lucky to be alive.  With few prospects left, he takes a rather unsavoury job delivering a ‘package’ to the Fehn, the Dead of Veridon, who live beneath the Venice-like canals and rivers of the city. The package is more than he bargained for, injecting a crippling disease into the Fehn, leaving Jacob on the run with friend and “bug” Wilson. Something or someone is trying to kill the Dead of Veridon. But this doesn’t do justice to the scope and imagination of the city of Veridon and its strange occupants.

Just in case I’m the first and not the fiftieth person to come up with the following definition, I’m putting my stamp on it.  Time Akers’ sequel to Heart of Veridon, belongs, if such a genre exists, somewhere in the camp of ‘Steam-Noir’. With the basic Victoriana and engineering elements of Steampunk and some Nemoesque style water shenanigans going on, all written in a wonderful Noir style that would be more than welcome in a Raymond Chandler novel, the Dead of Veridon is a thrilling journey into a sumptuous and bizarre world.

Blending all of the best elements of Steampunk and the detective novel, Jacob’s pursuit of the criminal who has framed him for the destruction of the Fehn, is a high octane jaunt through a staggering vista of experiences. Throw in some politics, Jacob’s deadpan humour and his sidekick Wilson, who is fluent in sarcasm and you have a recipe for pulp perfection. Interspersed with the action, the humour bubbles to the surface frequently and this is an energetic and fun read.

I eagerly await the next Jacob Burn’s adventure. Dead of Veridon is simply – Dead Good!!      

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