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Win a signed copy of David Moody’s ‘Autumn: The City’ book

April 21, 2011 - 6:47 pm 4 Comments

May’s David Moody Competition

Autumn The City Cover

From 20th April until 31st May, you could be in with a chance to win a SIGNED!! copy of David Moody’s Autumn The City. Let’s face it, it’s easy! All you have to do is “like” me or comment or “tweet” me. Good luck!

Review: Deadfall by Shaun Jeffrey

April 21, 2011 - 11:53 am 1 Comment


Author:  Shaun Jeffrey

Publisher:  Leucrota Press (US)

Price:  Various/$8.99 

Page count:  252pp

Reviewer:  Theresa Derwin

Zombies come in all shapes and sizes. Romero slow shamblers, 28 Days Later style runners and the delightful talkative torso from Return of the Living Dead.  However, if you like your zombies, the odds are you like a little blood, violence and gore.  If this is indeed the case, then you will certainly enjoy Deadfall by Shaun Jeffrey. 

Following a job that results in the death of her elderly client, soldier for hire and heroine Amber Redgrave, or Red, leads a team of mercenaries in a race to an abandoned mining village to rescue two children held hostage by rogue ex-soldiers. But the kidnappers are a ruse, the real threat more terrifying than any of them could imagine.


Free Zombie Fiction

April 21, 2011 - 11:47 am No Comments

Undead Drive-Thru

For a little free zombie fiction, enjoy these excerpts from Rebecca Besser’s novella Undead Drive-Thru

Excerpt – Undead Drive-Thru – Chapter 3 – Home Life

Almost instantly, Sam rose up on all fours and crawled as fast as his decaying body would allow him, toward the door. Dead, dry skin stretched and broke and body fluid leaked out, seeping into his clothes. The knees of his pants turned a orangish color from the blood and pus that ran freely from his new wounds. His pinky finger on his left hand snapped with an audible crack and bent at a grotesque angle, allowing more blood and pus to escape from his rotting body.

The sound of the breaking appendage caused John to look up from the lock and take notice of the danger that was rapidly approaching. With a barked exclamation of a profanity, John braced the cage door with his body so Sam wouldn’t get out when he slammed into it – he was just glad Sam hadn’t gotten to his feet . . . yet.

“Get something to hold the door shut!” John yelled over his shoulder to Aunt-B. “The latch is broken!”

Sam’s weight hit the steel bars with enthusiasm, causing the heavy, steel mesh stretched between them to shudder violently – he was close to the fresh blood he sought and there was nothing covering his mouth to stop him from enjoying it. Using the diamond shaped mesh to drag himself to a half-standing position, Sam reached through the slot left open for feeding and grabbed a hold of John’s belt, roughly and instantly drawing him closer to the door.

Copyrights owned by Rebecca Besser, 2011. All rights reserved.

King Rat Competition!

April 18, 2011 - 2:05 pm No Comments

April’s King Rat Competition

Front cover of the King Rat book by China Miéville

This month’s Competition offers you a chance to win a signed copy of China Miéville’s King Rat novel.

All you have to do is “Like” a blog post through Facebook, press the Twitter “Tweet” button or add a Comment to a blog post.

The winner will be announced on the blog at the end of April or beginning of May.

Also Coming Soon…

We have 2 reviews of the Undead Genre and some free excerpts from a new novella by Rebecca Besser.

So keep checking the site for new posts this month

Review: Bigfoot War

April 10, 2011 - 12:21 pm 1 Comment

Bigfoot War Book Front CoverBigfoot War

Author:  Eric S Brown

Publisher:  Coscom

Price:  $12.99/Various

Page count:  113pp

Reviewer:  Theresa Derwin

What we want to read can depend on our mood.  Sometimes it needs to be profound and highbrow or challenging, such as War and Peace or Keith Roberts’ Pavane.  And sometimes we need a little blood, guts and guns.  If it’s the latter you fancy, you could do no worse than explore the various worlds of Eric S Brown.    For me, right now, with the various stresses of work and life, a bit of blood, guts and ape-like monsters will just hit the spot.

I trembled with excitement as I opened the package that I knew contained Bigfoot War, arriving from Amazon.  The little child inside me jumped up and down squealing “Monster! Monster!” A mini Kong-hybrid growled at me from the front cover. I was ready to enter some ghastly terrain.