Out of the clink! - Archieved Post

Mar 15, 2011 - 10:00 pm No Comments

Hi All

In case you wondered where I’ve been, I have been in hotel NHS partaking of their hospitality for a wee while followed by Costa Del Sofa. It’s been a bit of a tough week, but some exciting news to share! I met – The Doctor. I’m telling you. The sticky up hair, the jittery manner, the childlike ways, the dodgy outfit & the skinny boddy. The Consultant I met could’ve been no more than ten years old and was a dead ringer for Dr – well, you know Who.

It’s scary how young professionals nowadays seem. But thank God. They are willing to push the boundaries of whatever career or field they are in because they are not afraid.  Even if I am tempted to give them pocket money, it is reassuring to see doctors, or other career persons who won’t take the standard answers.  Who will take the ‘road less travelled’. 

So, now that I am back online I wanted to just say it’s good to be back and don’t forget there is still a chance to win Robert Rankin’s Bumber Book of Ficts.

I will also be posting some new material before end March. Enjoy x

Go on, just like me. You know you want to!

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