If you’ve found my site, welcome and come on in. The reins have been passed to me, due to Theresa Derwin’s writing career growing she is concentrating on her books.

I am a big horror, fantasy & SF fan. Quite simply, I want to share my love of books and all things genre with you the reader to make your day a light brighter.

I work full time in the Civil Service and use to live in Birmingham. I now  live in Bridlington, a quiet costal town in Yorkshire. I am a mom of 2 teenagers so most weeks they are discussing the zombie apocalypse. I have always loved reading and was brought up with Stephen King and Shaun Hutson. Since buying a Kindle I have ventured into the Indie world and to be honest I love it. I have found so many good authors, which got me into writing book reviews.

I hope you enjoy this website and feel free to follow me on Twitter @YvonneRDav and Facebook Yvonne Davies. I also have a Facebook page  please like it. https://www.facebook.com/TerrorTree/

Now sit back and browse my site and if you like any of the reviews then buy the book. Please remember to always review your read, as this gets the authors noticed.