If you’ve found my site, God help you. Ahem, I mean welcome and come on in. Before I tell you about what I intended in pulling this site together, I want to tell you a little bit about me.

Theresa New Zombie
I have lived in Birmingham since birth and my career has been pretty varied; from Warehouse Packer, then bar work, to being a crap waitress then swiftly into retail, Admin, Professional Student and dosser until finally entering the Civil Service in 1999. I left the Service in 2012 to pursue a career as a low paid writer

I write humorous (I hope) fiction including SF, Urban Fantasy & Horror. I have a eleven anthology acceptances, and my own anthology Monsters Anonymous comes out in 2012.  I also write a number of book reviews and am an active member of the online Zombie Facebook Group Moody’s Survivors, in honour of Brit Author David Moody Last of the Living. I did stand as Secretary for the Birmingham Science Fiction Group (BSFG) BSFG Home Page.

I have loved horror, fantasy & SF all my life, thanks to my father who raised me on 50s Sci-Fi Universal Monsters, tango & popcorn. My love of the bizarre, (including my Dad) remains constant, to this day. I also owe a great debt to Rog Peyton from the BSFG who introduced me to alternative fiction at the tender the age of 14.

I love reading as well as writing and particularly enjoy; Clive Barker, Mike Carey, Kim Harrison, Robert A. Heinlein, Gary McMahon, David Moody, Terry Pratchett, Robert Rankin & Carrie Vaughn. And that’s just for starters. Follow me on Twitter @BarbarellaFem.

So, what is it I want to do with this site? Quite simply, I want to share my  love of books and all things genre with you the reader to make your day a light brighter.